About This Site

“What Disney at its best mastered and sustained was the art of telling stories that appeal to multiple constituencies.  In this, they have been the model of the process underlying all filmmaking that must appeal to large constituencies of people.”  -  Howard Suber




There exists a bounty of research, literature and musing available on the films produced by the Walt Disney Company.  There is some form of commentary on just about every aspect of their output.  Surprisingly thin, however, is the amount of information on how Disney tells its stories.  Writers, filmmakers and other storytellers might find it extremely beneficial to learn about and contemplate the means by which one of the most successful dream factories shapes compelling stories and instills an emotional reaction in its audience.  This information is vital to people wishing to tell stories themselves.


This blog started with a paper I wrote about how film musicals of the 1930s inspired Disney musicals of the 1990s.  With this blog, I would like to highlight my ongoing research on the methodology of Disney storytelling.  I want to examine Disney films from every angle (as a means of examining popular storytelling).  I will examine how Disney borrows from other films.  I will examine how other films borrow from Disney.  I’ll examine Disney’s use of mythology and fairy tale – highlighting, of course, how other filmmakers can use this same material to their advantage.


The point of this blog is not necessarily to criticize or sing the praise of The Walt Disney Company – just a means of breaking down art and story for educational purposes.


This site is intended for filmmakers and writers who grew-up overdosing on Disney.  It’s meant to extrapolate vital information that is already indelibly imprinted on our psyches.  This site exists to help us understand trends in screen storytelling so that we might emulate them, or break away from them.  How can one expect to conform to or deviate from a certain standard unless one can define exactly what that standard is?


The posts presented here are the result of tireless consumption of Disney films.  Here, I am trying to put my experience as a story analyst and film scholar to effective use.  Utilizing books on screenwriting, mythology and art, as well as the vast amount of research carried out by generations of Disneyphiles, this site will serve as an ever-evolving compendium.  Potential blog topics include: comparing the structure of recent Disney musicals to THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939), an examination of sacrifice in Disney films, in-depth analysis on how and why certain Disney villains are so frightening and even comparisons of Disney films to current releases.


My ultimate hope is for more informed and inspired storytelling by the users of this site.


*A NOTE ON DESIGN — I have chosen a design theme (autofocus) that I think best compliments the idea behind my website.  This particular theme reflects the nature and purpose of the website — to be a conglomerate of small blog posts all tied together around the same giant topic.  I like that the most current blog posts are shown as photographs and linked together in one giant pile, so that a user can pick and choose.



Objective and Plan