how ABOUT it?

For this website, I will be concentrating on a body of work that explores the preservation of and access to media that is popularly marginalized in mainstream audiovisual culture. For “Scopitones: High Camp, Soft-Core, and Hard-up for Archival Attention,” I explore issues of access to the forgotten films and exhibition format of Scopitone video jukeboxes. In the curatorial project entitled “Am I Making You Uncomfortable?” I push the limits of viewer discomfort by implicating my audience in a subversive immersion of filmic affect. In a case study for the preservation of family heritage, I examine the process of preserving my family’s films and projection technology, subsequently expanding access to that material for future generations. In “Politics of Pleasure: The Preservation of our Adult Film Heritage,” I explore work being done in the archival community to prioritize and preserve film of an erotic nature, detailing the challenges faced by audiovisual specialists looking for support to preserve and restore pornographic films. While each project delves into a different subject in markedly different ways, they are unified by the insight they offer into the cultural, social, and historical value of marginalized media through accesscurationpreservation and penetration.